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Students can obtain documents graduated in degrees and without degrees in both Arabic and English, and the process is done as follows

The student must go the department and bring their papers which include - Photos (2) for each copy of the document out, nationality, sexual parent provides a section graduate application form includes information for the purpose filled by graduates after filling the form sent by the department to register for the purpose of issuing the document. Dean sent the documents to the registration department and student affairs; / Division of ratifications official letter for the purpose of certification must graduate Revision Date and Student Affairs / Division of the Department of ratifications for the purpose of knowing the type of ratification that the graduate wants to get it, ratification is divided into two types

- Inside Iraq signed the Director of the Department of Registration and students affairs..
Outside of Iraq and be signed by Mr. Director of Registration Department and students and Mr. Rector and then ratified at the State Department and be external either by hand (However, the graduate after the ratification of the university authorized registration department employee and student affairs official letter Facility with a list of names of a set of documents graduates and ratified by the Ministry of external ) .

The mural certificate obtained by the student to apply to register and bring the book of the annex to the college connect entitled to the Department of Registration and students / Division of ratifications note that the mural be appreciated certificate only. The student can his registration, which purports to complete his studies outside of Iraq get a transcript of the phases studied before punctuation constraint and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the same mechanism. The images below and the official documents issued graduation from the University of Babylon.

اضعط على الصورة لمشاهدة نسخة اكبر دقة

اضعط على الصورة لمشاهدة نسخة اكبر دقة