Interdisciplinary courses available at the University of Babylon

Table included below presents the academic disciplines available in the faculties of the University of Babylon different and departments, these data concerning initial studies exclusively, for a list of areas of study available in the initial studies - master's and doctoral degrees - you can visit the site of Graduate Studies Department, this list is subject to annual updates in accordance with the decisions and visions Council The presidency and boards of colleges of the university, so we invite those interested to visit this page at the end of each academic year, within the University of Babylon, the source of this information: Division of student Affairs - presidency of the University of Babylon

college department
fine arts art education
theater arts
plastic arts / ceramic
applied arts
law general
engineering civil engineering
mechanical engineering
electrical engineering
material engineering
Electrochemical Engineering
environment engineering
sciences biology
earth applied science
informational technology Networks
medicine general
education – safi aldeen alhily Arabic language
English language
educational and psychological sciences
education- ibn- hayan physics
physical education general
college department
basic education Arabic languageة
English language
general sciences
special education
sciences for girls biology
computer sciences
physics and laser
dentistry general
art Arabic language
agriculture soil and water
soil and water
Field crops
Gardening and palm
administration and economy administration and economy
Fiscal and monetary science
material engineering mineral materials
non-ferrous materials
Veterinary Medicine general
nursing general
pharmacy general
Quran studies Quran science
Arabic language