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Email Center for Student Affairs

Hello in your Email Center for Student Affairs of the University of Electronic Network of Babylon, the mail center aims to help students at the University of Babylon to find the management information to help them speed up the administrative transactions related to the registration and student affairs department in the presidency. Mail center contain directives and instructions and methods extention speed up the process of receiving official transactions accurately and without any mistakes, also contains procedural information and a description of geographic locations within the university and the relevant departments that the student needs to know

Mail system to communicate with students

n order to overcome the difficulties faced by any student with the departments and administration departments at the University of Babylon,                             A student can Questions and inquiries sent to the concerned authorities to answer them, as a student can, in particular, citizens and auditors direct any complaints to Mr. Director of the Department of Student Affairs and will be handled according to the guidelines and instructions of The presidency ministerial and controls related, you can start using the system through Click here