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To be able to manage the registration and student affairs department to continue working with the university students and auditors with transparency and in order to exploit the electronic means of communication to speed up the administrative work has been the installation of communication on our website system. This system allows the receipt of questions and inquiries about the work of the division, including the clarification of the mechanism of applying for enrollment at the University of Babylon, the mechanism of the transition from one university to another, modify nominations, issuing graduation documents, identities University electronic information used to track down students' statements during their studies at the University of Babylon grades preliminary . The system also allows the user to send a complaint to the President of the section, which in turn will follow this kind of electronic interactions and help resolve them if possible. .

Please note that the electronic communication system is a system for registration department and student affairs - The presidency exclusively. And we welcome any questions about topics related to other sections also do not welcome any complaints does not belong to administrative work and audits of the Department of Registration and Student Affairs In the case of finding the location on any e-mails did not include in its content questions about the mechanisms and activities mentioned above Manager will ignore. As the cadre of electronic work is not obligated to answer every question. Zachsossa and if you repeat more than once. There are some questions that are repeated often, and to facilitate the process of electronic interaction. We convert these messages to the page FAQ, You can read the questions listed on this page before you start sending messages only to shorten your time