student affairs department

Issuing identities university students

Completed registration department and Student Affairs / console version identities unified identity for university students  University of Babylon preliminary study and graduate according to the new model, which is characterized by  A lot of high-quality specifications, where the student is free to grant a unified campus identity  The first time in the case of loss or damage to this identity bears student fines Of the loss or damage of identity for the purpose of issuing new identity for him. One of these specifications  Identity is its reliance on standardized university figure where each student at the University of Babylon No.  Uniform can not be repeated for more than a student and this identity based on this figure entirely dependent    . And it contains phosphoric logo of the University of Babylon, which was printed in the global origins of where   Difficulty rigged. It also contains a bar code (Bar code) which is linked to the number   Unified university .

Graduate students

The graduate student to provide the graduate student to apply for a University identity to the college in which the student studies and is converted this request to the Deanship   Date presidency of the university and the student affairs department after obtaining the approval of the Dean and the student Review the registration department and student affairs for the purpose of providing the required data and then be issued                             His identity required .albaanat  :

Full name of the student                No. Identification Card - nationality
Name of the college is currently enrolled them       Department Name  Detective currently
Image colorful personality number 1


Preliminary study students

Be issued identities Baldrasaeetm issuing preliminary studies identities For all students in our university successively when the enrollment of students to study at the University of Babylon, where he works   Department of Registration and Student Affairs on the issue of identities through the first stage and up to the date   Finished, in the case of loss of identity of the student has to submit report of a loss of identity in Police station and converts this communication an official letter to the college student and then turning the college book  After completing the procedures to the presidency of the university Finance Division for the purpose of paying the fine Of the loss of identity and then turns to the Registration Department and Student Affairs for the purpose of issuing  A new identity for the student .


In the case of student ID damage to submitting an application to replace the identity Date Division Deanship college student and then converts this request to the presidency of the university AFF  For the purpose of the payment of fines resulting from identity and prevents damage to the Department of Registration and Affairs  Students for the purpose of issuing new identity for the student .