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General Conditions of acceptance

It requires the student who is accepted at universities and institutes to have Iraqi citizenship and holds a junior and successful school diploma in the medical examination and the graduates of the current year and the year previous semester is admitted acceptance centrally and be accepted in accordance with the minimum limits for the year he graduated and 24 years do not exceed the old and be a full-time study no not permissible to combine the study and function required in the continuation of the study is to get study leave from his constituency in the event of being an employee. He also admitted to the institutes of students graduates from professional morning and evening. As for the 5% top graduates professional and morning and evening of every jurisdiction over the level of Iraq be admitted to the corresponding faculties of their competencies through the central admission. And also accept students on a 10% top institutes in the corresponding colleges for their competence through the central admission.

The general principles depended by Central acceptance

Students accepted in accordance with the options installed in the application form and the choice of 50 that no more than 35 colleges and not less than 15 Institute. The students grades of less than 60% did not have the right to choose the form of 50 to be only the whole institutes. Deducted five degrees for each lesson the student succeeded in the second round and a student who has improved an average of a second round that no more than 15 degrees discount.

student can postpone his studies under the following conditions

The student may postpone the study according to the instructions exam for one year and for legitimate reasons convinced by the College Board or institute that offers a deferral request 30 days prior to the beginning of the final exam. Students postpones studying for the second year should have the agreement of the chancellor of the university. It shall not be postponed student studying in colleges that follow the quarterly system in the second semester unless they are due to out of his will and be Successful in the first semester and is a postponement of the entire school year. Postpone the study of a third-year student and for legitimate reasons convinced them and be one of the powers of the minister or his nominee and take into account the academic curriculum of the student