student affairs department

In the name of God the most gracious the most merciful

All praise to Allah who teaches, guide, and educate the ignorant humans. Peace be upon the messenger Muhammad and his blessed households and companions. Human giving, true love and cooperation, and seeking knowledge are inexhaustible sources. Department of registration and students affairs preserve to serve the education process in our dear country. This done by the well preparation of students to be the leaders of the futures. .

My dear teachers, lecturers, and students Cooperation is the way to enter the new era in a scientific way for the preparation of developed communities. We have in our holy books a lot of verses that encourage seeking science and teach it in return. From this holy rule we start and keep working.

Safaa Obaid Hussin Alhafeed

Structure of the department

1- Office of the manager which includes the office, manager assistant , and email unit. )
2- Registration unit which includes email unit, following unit, archive unit, storage unit, and training unit. )
3- Division of ratification)
4- Division of students affairs. )

Transparency of work within the department
We receive complaints of students and administrative questions sent by visitors within the interface Electronic interaction in the Department of Registration and Student Affairs

Issuance of university IDs

The department has issued the united IDs for undergraduate and postgraduate students according to the new form which has high quality features. Students are granted a free united ID for the first time and in case of loss they have to pay a fine to get a new one. The ID has university number for each student. The ID has phosphoric logo for the university of Babylon .   FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CLICK HERE